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We are not sure how we find ourselves in August of 2020 already, but as we reflect on July and some of the HBG Team achievements, one standout day was the opportunity that we had to visit a smoking ceremony in Bonnyrigg, NSW. Read this blog to find out why it was so special to Team HBG and what a smoking ceremony entails.

Team HBG at Bonnyrigg NSW Smoking Ceremony Venue. Left to right; Andy Hughes (Recruitment Consultant- HBG), Sebastian Harrison- Barratt (Managing Director – HBG), Albert Davies (Traditional Aboriginal Dancer) and Dan Lanigan-Ryan (Recruitment Consultant-HBG).

Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom among Aboriginal Australians in which native plants are burnt to produce smoke and acknowledge the ancestors and pay respect to the land, waters and sea of the country. The smoke is believed to have healing and cleansing properties and is regularly carried out when new building works are due to commence. This ceremony was a great opportunity for the team to further develop their network within the Indigenous labour-hire market and to further strengthen existing client relationships.

Dan – Recruitment Consultant HBG reflected on his experience at the Smoking Ceremony by saying;
‘It was an interesting insight into another culture and way of thinking. It is absolutely brilliant to pay homage to native landowners and to be invited along to witness the traditions was an absolute pleasure and an experience I will take with me into my own work within the Indigenous Labour sector.’

HBG Labour Hire Division
Harrison Barratt Group is proud to also have an Indigenous Labour Hire division which focuses specifically on placing indigenous candidates into the workplace. Strong partnerships across the indigenous market with the NSWICC and career agencies ensure that HBG is at the forefront of providing Indigenous opportunities across Construction and Infrastructure sites in NSW and ACT predominantly. HBG’s proud partnership with NSWICC ensures that indigenous communities are supported into fulfilling and rewarding work, and that our clients are provided with ‘Superior People and Superior Service’. Not only do we tirelessly work to support indigenous candidates into the workplace, but we also work with clients to support Government requirements across construction sites, making this a collaborative and rewarding programme for all stakeholders.

If you would like more information on what value HBG – Indigenous Labour Hire can add to your organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch via the below channels;
Phone – 0291686870
Email – info@harrisonbarratt.com.au / saira@harrisonbarratt.com.au

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