The value labour-hire offers to your organisation

As specialist recruiters we spend lots of time talking to clients about labour requirements, yet far less time talking them through the benefits of the service we offer. Why? Because sometimes labour-hire is seen as a short term solution, something that will plug a hole until a permanent team member can be onboarded, or something that will help meet a deadline. Labour hire is much more than a temporary resource so we are writing today to tell you more about the holistic value it will add to your organisation.

Skill Shortages – no problem!
As a labour-hire company, your skill shortages are our problem. HBG have an extensive book of workers who are highly skilled in multiple fields. Having this means that we are able to source specialisms that fit your requirements with far more ease and pace than you could by going direct. We also guarantee you someone there, no more relying on just one person. If that person let’s you down it is our responsibility to get you someone else there on the same day.

Flexibility Guaranteed
If you’re not sure how long the work may take, or COVID and other factors are creating uncertainty in your organisation, then labour-hire can help to absorb the risk of permanent hires. All workers are employed by the labour-hire company through a labour-hire agreement making all employment matters the suppliers responsibility. What’s more, if things change, you can onboard on a temp to perm basis with HBG making this seamless for the worker and you.

Cash Flow Improvements
Here at HBG we offer to match your payment terms with your client. In doing so, this means you can manage cash flow more effectively. We also guarantee weekly pay runs for our workers, which means they don’t see any difference to the rest of the industry.

People Matter’s are our matters
Many employers resent the time spent on paperwork and managing teams instead of just getting the job done. This is why we recruit, onboard, allocate and pay the workers, meaning all of that paperwork sits on our desk and not yours. HBG are also responsible for Workers Insurance and Claims, which takes another element of risk away from you and onto us.

With offices across Sydney, Canberra and soon to be Melbourne, alongside an Indigenous Labour Hire partner, HBG have your labour-hire requirements fulfilled. If you’re still not convinced, request a copy of our rates to see the true value we add to your organisation.

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