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Subject: HBG Yearly Induction | HEAPS OF WORK ON


I wanted to reach out to you as you did some work with us last year and completed our induction. Thanks for all your support.  We are cleaning up our systems and introducing new health and safety policies and procedures in 2021.


As of the 01/02/2021, If you would like to continue/restart working with us you will have to complete the following;

1>  2021 Rego via this link (If  you are having issues please contact me or and we offer you an alternative solution) Or to Skip video use this link –

– This will allow us to see what roles you are interested in now and tell us what tickets you have.

2> Send us two trade references for each roles you wish to work with us on. (Ie. if you typically work as a scaffolder, but some times you operate. You will need a total of 4 references on for each trade) 

– Please note you will only be given work in which you have supplied references.

– If you have worked with HBG for one of those roles you may supply the name of your consultant and use it as one of the references.

3> Phone catch up (yearly review) to see what we have missed with you and what extra work experience you might have now. 

4> If everything lines up, we will bring you into our office in Pyrmont, Sydney for a 1.5-hour safety induction, give you shirts, hardhat etc. (If you live out of greater Sydney you may join via zoom but this a case by case)

5> You will be taught all our policies and how our new rostering system works.

6> Back on-site with HBG. Fully kitted out and knowing everything you need to know for the year of 2021

Please note:    This year there will be options to upskill with HBG training, if interested you please mention it to our induction officer on the day.

The induction will be held 3 times a week and we will not be accepting walk, YOU MUST BE BOOKED IN. 


We will not be accepting rude behaviour and will refuse you any work if you are. 

Talk soon. 

Sebastian Harrison-Barratt

Managing Director

Harrison Barratt Group PTY LTD

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